Property and Real Estate Law

Property & Real Estate Conveyancing

It is often misconceived that sale and purchase agreement is a copy and paste type of work. Other than statutory contract, it is pertinent to note that every sale and purchase of property is different and requires certain legal writing to ensure all procedure to be complied properly before the complete conveyance of ownership from vendor to purchaser.

Since Shelley Yap’s establishment in 1962, we hold our standard and maintain the expertise in property and land law and employ it in agreement drafting to cater to every property transaction which is somewhat similar but different.

We have done many acquisition and disposal of office lot, commercial building, hotels, malls, residential houses and land. Other than real estate documentations, we also provide other property transaction such as obtaining approval from the land office, hotel management agreement, joint ventures, development agreement, leasing and tenancy etc. In addition to property and real estate matter, we also complete our services by giving further advice on relevant taxation law that may arise out of the real estate activities for our clients.

Property & Real Estate Litigation

In Sabah, we have our own land law and Shelley Yap takes pride of its advocacy team and expertise in our Sabah Land Ordinance and its subsidiary rules. Property and land disputes such as fraud, trespass, land division, ownerships etc are common occurrence especially when it comes to Native Land.

Our firm has a history of acting for wide range of clients, including the Sabah State Government, banks, corporate clientele and private individuals in legal proceedings involving recovery and possession of land, acted in the interest of bona fide purchaser, defending land ownership etc.

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